I’m running for the future.

When my husband and I moved to Medford as renters, we fell in love with the city, its history, and strong sense of community. When we decided to buy a home and start our family here, we made a commitment to Medford.

Medford isn’t just a place for us to live. Medford is our future.

As a proud resident, I stand before a city in transition, a city with a bright future filled with promise and enrichment.

As one of your seven city councilors, I will fight diligently to ensure that that future works for all of us.

This is how I’ll do it:

Smart planning and strong leadership in city council are essential to ensure that Medford remains a city where people can live, work, and play.

As your city councilor:

I will listen and be responsive to all voices. Our city’s strength lies in its diverse community. From multigenerational families and new residents, to longtime renters and first-time homeowners, Medford’s residents pull from vast life experiences to make up the strong fabric of our city.

I will ensure you are informed. Whether fighting for stronger communication from City Hall or sharing with you how your voice can best make impact within our government, I believe clear communication and active community engagement are essential to a strong city.

I will be a fierce advocate for responsible development. I will push for community-led development, accessible housing, and protection of our public green spaces so that Medford continues to be a place people can choose to live — and stay.

I will invest in Medford’s future. It’s time to start taking important steps to support our municipal infrastructure. Maintenance investment in our streets, buildings, and schools is critical work for us to do now so we can support a thriving community for generations to come.

Why me?

I’ve devoted my career and volunteer work to finding solutions and building consensus amongst different groups and will bring that same skill set to city council.

In my day-to-day work at MIT, I’m surrounded by people with powerful — and sometimes diverging — ideas. As a member of the communications team, I talk with students, parents, alumni, and faculty to learn about their unique experiences and points of view and communicate it back to the larger community. It is my job is to listen, provide intelligent feedback, build consensus, and leverage their voices and ideas to effect change or inspire action.

Also, I have served on Medford’s Energy and Environment Committee since 2017, where I have advocated for ideas to make Medford a regional leader in sustainable energy, climate change preparedness, and protection of our vast green space.

Being a problem solver, storyteller, and communicator for diverse groups has been my job and my passion for the past decade. It’s a skillset that I will take to City Hall to ensure that all Medford residents have a say in their city's future.

Join me and let’s fight together for a prosperous and sustainable future that benefits all of Medford’s residents.

Choose Nicole Morell as one of your seven votes for Medford City Council.